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AgriTrack Live pricing is built around the seasonality of farming. Increase the number of vehicle you track at busy times, and decrease again when the season tapers off

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can sign up today for a completely free trial with no limitations. No credit card is necessary and you can add unlimited people and vehicles.

At the end of your 7 day trial, you will be invited to subscribe to continue to track your vehicles

How do the licences work?

Each licence that you subscribe to, either annually or monthly, can be assigned to any vehicle in your account. Each vehicle that needs to record trails requires a licence at that time.

If your maximum “key vehicles” at seeding is two seeders, one sprayer, and one management ute, you would probably subscribe to four licences. 

At the end of the season you might reduce your licence count to two, for post emergent spraying and spreading. 

You can change which vehicles your licences are applied to at any time throughout the season.

Near harvest, you might then increase your subscription count and allocate your licences to all of your key harvest gear


Do I need one subscription per logged in staff member?

No, each subscription pays for one Tracked Vehicle licence. You can currently have unlimited people who can view and be seen on the map, but if they want to record trails in a vehicle that vehicle will need a “Seat” assigned to it 

Where do i purchase And Allocate my licences?

Licence purchases are all managed from the web dashboard, and not from within the application. Sign in and head to the account tab to manage your licence quantity and to assign them to your vehicles

The number of vehicles I need increase and decrease throughout the year. Can I just pay for what I need?

Yes, you can increase and decrease the number of licences that you are subscribed to at any time. By subscribing to the monthly licences, once the season tapers off, you can simply sign into the web dashboard and decrease the number of licences until you need them again. You do need to have one active licence at all times

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