With the recent release of our latest product AgriTrack Live we’re paving the way for the future of AgriTrack. Our new offering is a SAAS (Software as a Service) product which allows anyone in the world to implement, utilise and pay for the AgriTrack platform within their own farming operation.

Since our inception in 2014, our user levels have grown steadily, but due to the requirement of our hardware being implemented for each new account, our growth has been limited by our ability to produce and distribute this hardware.

As consumer technology has improved over the years, we now have the ability for customers to utilise their own hardware without a lot of the challenges that were faced in previous years. The power of today’s consumer devices greatly exceeds what we used to supply, while on farm connectivity has only increased.

Since the release of AgriTrack Live in the App Store 41 days ago, have more than doubled the number of accounts we have acquired over the last 4 years. With organic growth in large international markets we’re actively talking with these customers about their use cases and have been implementing new features as requested.

While we believe that SAAS is a large part of our future, we know that certain customers will want the one-stop package. Our proven hardware solutions are all still available quicker and easier than ever before from our online hardware store. All products are currently distributed from our purpose made distribution office in Perth, Australia.

Where excited about bringing AgriTrack to the world, and hope you’ll join us.