We recently released the latest version of AgriTrack to our customers, known as AgriTrack Live. At first we upgraded our hundreds of existing customers to the new platform and have had an unbelievably positive response from our customers as to the new benefits the platform provides. Not only is the software installed in each vehicle, on one of our AgriTrack supplied hardware packs – but staff are installing the software on their own personal phones, almost tripling our original user count while providing endless benefits to our customers.

One of the key pieces of feedback we have been receiving from our customers has simply been the ability for staff to locate their vehicles at the start of a shift change. No longer are there phonecalls to try and find out which paddock the vehicles are now located in. Staff simply check their phone before heading out to the paddock and can immediately drive straight to the vehicle they need.

We’ve released weekly iterations of AgriTrack Live, across both Android and iOS over the last 4 weeks, with new customer-requested features being built quickly as we have been receiving this feedback from our customers.

We are looking forward to a fruitful seeding season in Australia, and look forward to helping our new users as they get their farms working efficiently with AgriTrack Live.