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Growth with AgriTrack Live

We recently released the latest version of AgriTrack to our customers, known as AgriTrack Live. At first we upgraded our hundreds of existing customers to the new platform and have had an unbelievably positive response from our customers as to the new benefits the...

Delivering AgriTrack to the world

With the recent release of our latest product AgriTrack Live we’re paving the way for the future of AgriTrack. Our new offering is a SAAS (Software as a Service) product which allows anyone in the world to implement, utilise and pay for the AgriTrack platform within...

Our new office

Another great development for AgriTrack. We recently opened a new office in Welshpool, Perth with the purpose of better servicing our customer base. The office stocks every item of hardware we sell and in most cases shipments will leave within 24 hours of ordering....

Introducing AgriTrack Live for iOS

We're please to announce the release of AgriTrack Live for iOS devices which was recently released in the Apple App Store. With AgriTrack Live you're able to see real-time location of every worker and machine on your property, along with shared coverage maps, job...

AgriTrack for iPhone is coming

We're pleased to announce that AgriTrack is coming to iOS. In the coming weeks we will be releasing AgriTrack Live, our newest product iteration designed for use on all iOS devices, including iPads which are already mounted in tractors worldwide. An often requested...

Get ready for seeding with our helpful guide

With seeding just around the corner, we've compiled a helpful guide to get you and your AgriTrack gear up and running at full speed for seeding. Everything from fixing little hardware issues, through to updating the right software is all able to be found within the...

Harvest 2016

Harvest has been an eventful time for AgriTrack, we opened our warehouse in Midland in early September and our sales staff have been busily installing units all over the state throughout the harvest season. Our developers have been working hard to ensure that our...

Harvest Update

We are now in full swing with Harvest 2016 and we are getting great feedback from our customers using AgriTrack for improving their harvest efficiency. The release of Harvest Base Manager this week marked an important milestone for our customers. This feature was...

New Things For Harvest 2016

Harvest is underway for 2016 and things are really speeding up for us. This last week our latest version of the app was released - AgriTrack 3.24 and we are excited about what it is going to do for our farmers. The most notable feature is the new Layer Manager -...

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