Recommended Hardware

There’s never been a better time to self install your own hardware. The low cost and competitive options available these days allow for a robust, professional installation in just a few minutes


With new tablets from various manufacturers being released every few months, there are endless options for units to install in your vehicle.

All of these tablets below are cellular enabled which means that they have the data connection required to use AgriTrack in real time

Apple iPad WiFi + Cellular [8th Gen]
Harvey NormanJB HiFiThe Good Guys

Samsung Tab S6 4G
Harvey NormanJB HiFiThe Good Guys


Mounting Kit

We have always used RAM Mounts to mount tablets in vehicles.

Every single one of our AgriTrack units was always supplied with a Triple Suction Mounting kit, and then the matching Tab-Tite for the tablet that you purchased. 

RAM Triple Suction Kit (with arm) 
HurtleGear (WA) (RAP-365-101U)

Individual Tablet “Tab-Tites”
RAM  produces a huge range of cases for all sorts of tablets. Our go to is the (RAM-HOL-TAB20U) as it fits most tablets with a rugged case on it. But have a look over their site to see if they have an exact match for your chosen tablet

HurtleGear (WA) (RAM-HOL-TAB20U)
HurtleHear (WA) All Tab-Tites


Data Plan

Since each device requires its own data supply, you need to find an efficient way of providing a simcard with this connection.

Our favourite data plan at the moment is offered by Boost Mobile which operates on Telstras full network, including 4G.

Boost offer a data pack which includes 80GB data, valid for 365 days for $150

Telstra also offers similar annual plans at approx twice the price



Aside from the core products – Tablet, Mounting System and Data Plan, you will want to purchase a Charging Adapter for your vehicle and you may like to purchase a case

Cigarette Charging Adapter
It’s important not to cheap out on the cigarette charging adapter. Having a tablet on and screen lit 24/7 uses a large amount of power, so go for a quality brand, high amperage product 


Rugged Case
If you’re looking for a case, there are many options available online. We find that Silicone cases that do not have a cover over the screen provide the best protection while also allowing for a good user experience.


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