Bring Your Own Hardware,
Or Let Us Supply It

If you’re wanting to install a permanent AgriTrack Live monitor in your vehicles, we’ve listed some of the endless options below

Bring Your Own Hardware

AgriTrack Live is designed to run on almost any modern smartphone or tablet. 

Using AgriTrack Live on your phone is great for checking on progress every now and then, but sometimes you will want to install a more permanent device in your vehicles.

If you would like to self install your own hardware we have a list of products we have tested and recommend to customers.

AgriTrack Connect

If your farm is in an area where cellular reception is poor, and connectivity in the cab is an issue, we manufacture the AgriTrack Connect.

The AgriTrack Connect creates a strong WiFi signal around the vehicle, which is connected to a high quality external mobile antenna – greatly increasing the mobile connectivity, and immediately improving AgriTrack Live performance.

Multiple Devices

The AgriTrack Connect allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. Connect monitors, cameras, tablets, phones and more

All In One

The AgriTrack Connect includes a cellular modem, WiFi hotspot, built in USB charging, and variable voltage DC input. Just add a tablet.

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