Optimise your inputs this season 

Grow your profits by minimizing downtime, reducing errors and eliminating miscommunication.

Take Control

View the live location of every asset in your operation, share important information, and make sure everyone is in the right location, doing the right job with AgriTrack Live

Increase Productivity

Cut two-way communication in half and allow your staff to work without your constant oversight and guidance

Works Offline

AgriTrack Live was built from the ground up to work in areas of no connectivity. The system simply syncronizes once back in cellular reception


Filled with tools that help with efficiency 

Real Time Overview

AgriTrack Live syncs real time vehicle locations and coverage maps to every user on your farming operation, every second of the day.

Satellite Maps

Satellite maps display accurate aerial images so your operators can see exactly where they are – even in the dark

Information Points

Drop a pin at any point to identify hazards, areas to spray or set a task reminder. Drop a pin whilst driving easily using Quick Drop

Area Measurements

Quickly and accurately measure areas on the satellite map to obtain hectare readings in the field

Layer Manager

View layers individually or together on the satellite map. Toggle on and off Farm Boundaries, Job Trails, Spray Layers and more

Farm Boundaries

Display your farm boundaries across every AgriTrack screen allowing new operators to ensure they’re working in the right paddocks.


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Great program to use! We use it for seeding to know how far in front of the seeder the sprayer is. It must be easy to use because even my old man can use it!

John Sanderson

Grass Patch, Western Australia

We use AgriTrack for everything! Seeding, spraying, harvesting, spreading, for patching out fungicides, record keeping, flagging rocks among other things.

Michael Sawyer

Dalwallinu, Western Australia

We find AgriTrack a great ease to our farming operation. Being able to see where our seeder, sprayer and header is from anywhere is extremely helpful.

John Carmody

Cascade, Western Australia

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Another great development for AgriTrack. We recently opened a new office in Welshpool, Perth with the purpose of better servicing our customer base. The office stocks every item of hardware we sell and in most cases shipments will leave within 24 hours of ordering....

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